Jezebel Duck Call From Lynch Mob

on Sunday, 16 June 2013. Posted in Product Reviews

LMC Jezebel Black n Gold-800x900Back in the summer Lynch Mob Calls unveiled their new line of calls for the fall of 2012.  The Brotherhood Series.  One of the calls in this series, the Jezebel Duck Call, was a highly anticipated call for all the duck guys here at Muddy Dog Outdoors.

Several of us tested the call during the first part of the season and as word got around, quickly, everyone here found a spot on their lanyard for a Jezebel for the rest of the season.

On a trip to North Dakota in October, The Jezebel was put to the test with all members of the hunting party blowing on one and watching the birds react.  In summary…absolutely phenomenal.  From the way the call fits in your hand and to your mouth, to its ability to accurately reproduce any note in a mallards vocabulary, the boys at Lynch Mob did not miss a beat in the design of the Jezebel.  Personally it is the ONLY call that I have ever blown that I did not stick at one point or another.  The high volume of the call got the birds attention while the ability to get extremely low and whiny with this call had the mallards begging to get into the spread.  I can not say enough good things about this duck call.  A sleek, comfortable design, double o ring insert and realistic sounds sets this call in a league of its own.  Definitely rated high on our list of recommended calls for both beginners and novice callers alike.

Available in a double reed and a wide variety of colors. 

Give the Jezebel from Lynch Mob Calls a try in the off season and we’re sure it will find a place with you in the blind in the fall.  Available right here at Muddy Dog Outdoors and as always all calls SHIP FOR FREE!Buy the  Jezebel Duck Call at Muddy Dog.

New Hard Core Brands for 2014

on Tuesday, 21 January 2014. Posted in Product Reviews


1501672 663533903711656 1146649046 nWe were able to get a sneak peek at SHOT show for the upcoming Hard Core Brands lifestyle line of casual clothing for the 2014 year and we cannot wait to offer it to you!  Lots of great new designs, hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts and an entire selection of women's!  Also looking forward to the release of Realtree's Max-5 available in the styles we love from Hard Core's hunting line, as well as some new stuff there too!  Look for these items to be available mid summer!